Pregnancy Counselling

Counsellors available 24/7

How Can We Help You?

We counsel and support individuals and families through the challenges associated with pregnancy or pregnancy loss


Pregnant but unsure where to from here?


Talk to us about your uncertainties, your questions, your worries.


Whether you’re coping with

morning sickness,

relationship problems,

financial challenges,

medical or mental health issues,

whatever the concern,

talk it over with us.


We’ll try to give you the information,

emotional or practical support you need right now.


We’re here to help, right now!

Pregnant Friend

Friends are often the first to know. There might be 





intense emotion

A pregnancy triggers change and that means decisions need to be made. 

You can help by being a listening ear and loving your friend no matter what happens. 

We also listen and care.

Our goal is to help pregnant woman make an informed choice and find the best solution for them.

Pregnancy Loss?

Whatever pregnancy loss you have suffered



 Still birth

We are here to help

Be a listening ear

Try to understand your grief

We can journey together

" To be honest it was the fact that I kept it to myself. I guess I was still making the decision to keep or let baby go. Then just like that the decision was taken from me in the form of a miscarriage and I felt like the worst person in the world for even considering the things I did."


Is a termination of pregnancy right for you?

Have you considered the possible effects on you and your family?

We can give you information, and time to talk through what is really in your heart.

"The most difficult and challenging part of the unplanned pregnancy was at the beginning, finding out and needing to make that decision about what to do. It was unexpected and a shock and I didn't immediately feel happy about it."

We are here to listen, understand what you are going through,  inform and support you in whatever difficulties you are having.

Free Counselling available 24/7

Phone: 0800PREGNANT (0800773462)

Text: 0212898727  


We'd love to hear from you.

"These are the most fabulous and beautiful people who care, listen and support."

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